VERTEX       VX-900        Portable Radios

                   Available from     DELCOM INDUSTRIES      

                                      Sales phone  334 - 875-4805                 FAX  phone  334  875-5220


           This model is longer available

            See  its replacement VX-920



Any radio purchased from DELCOM INDUSTRIES includes programming on your frequencies and private line tones, at NO EXTRA CHARGE and reprogramming at a later date, for the life of the radio,  Free!  You just pay shipping.              Thats DELCOM SERVICE after the sale.

                         I also reprogram your old models for  $15  per radio plus shipping.


**Vertex does not allow dealers to post selling price on the web page,   please email or call** 


ANYONE, ANYWHERE can check on my USED equipment and line of portable batteries.


Email ME for your FREE owners manual, see if this is the radio you need.    


Other     VERTEX,        TEKK,      &      ICOM        portables available:

Motorola   VX-261                      Motorla   VX-264                     Motorola   VX-451

Motorola   VX-454           


TEKK   X-700V  vhf                   TEKK    X-700U  uhf                 TEKK   XV-100  vhf

TEKK   VU-100  uhf                   


ICOM  F3001 / F4001,                  ICOM  F3011 / F4011,               ICOM  F1000S/T



Ask Me Radio questions,   even if you didn't buy it from  Delcom

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