INTEL Computers       available  from Delcom Industries

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The Computer Man has the best prices in the South!

New System Prices Start at:

$699  for Desktop Intel  Dual Core 2.5 ghz CPU,  4 gb RAM,  250 gb hard drive, RW-DVD CD-ROM, Windows  10

$580  for LAPTOP Intel Dual Core  2.5 ghz CPU,  4gb RAM,  250 gb hard drive, RW-DVD CD-ROM, Windows 10

above Desktop price includes 24 inch flat screen monitor, dual speakers system, and

 one year manufactures warranty on computer and 

one year manufactures warranty on 17 inch color monitor

Optional extras:

Color printers from $85  to $425 depending on speed and picture quality.


Also USED desk top XP computer towers available   ---  Starting at $60  to  $110

Also USED 15, 17, 19,  inch  Computer Monitors,  NOT FLAT SCREEN,   available   ---  Starting at $30



Selma, Alabama   36701       334-875-4805 

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