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     ICOM    A3   Airband  Portable  

       This model is longer available

        See  its replacement     IC-A14    or

        See  its replacement     IC-A25C

 ---- Batteries   and   Accessories available only ----                    

General Specifications

* Frequency Coverage:
o Tx/Rx: 118-136.975 MHz
o Rx: 161.65-163.275 MHz (weather channels)
* Mode:
o Tx/Rx: AM (6K00AE3)
o Rx: FM (16K0G3E)
* Channel spacing: 25 kHz
* Current drain (at 12 V DC, typical):
o Tx: 1.0 A
o Rx (rated audio): 240 mA; Rx (squelched): 55 mA
* Useable Temperature Range: -10C to +50C; -14F to +122F
* Frequency stability: 20 ppm (-10C to +50C)
* Intermediate frequencies: 1st 35.8 MHz; 2nd 455 kHz
* Dimensions (projections not included): 57(W) x 170.5(H) x 37.5(D) mm; 2.25(W) x 6.72(H) x 1.48(D) in
* Weight (with CM-166 and antenna): 465 g; 16.4 oz

* Output power: 5.0 W (PEP); 1.5 W (carrier)
* Modulation system: Low level modulation
* Spurious emissions: Less than -60 dB

* Sensitivity (for 6 dB S/N): Less than 1.0 V
* Squelch sensitivity (threshold): Less than 1.0 V
* Selectivity: More than 8 kHz/-6 dB; Less than 25 kHz/-60 dB
* Noise and hum: More than 25 dB
* Spurious response rejection ratio: More than 60 dB
* Audio output power: 600 mW with an 8 ohm load

Supplied Accessories  with radio:

* Battery  pack CM-166 12v 600mha,   with  AC BM-112U wall charger
* Antenna 
* Belt  clip
* Owner's  manual 


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