TEKK  GT-80      Delcom Industries                 Selma  AL       36701
Portable Radios                SALES phone  334 875-4805                        FAX  334  875-5220



GT-80 radio no longer available  

See  the TEKK    D500  vhf for its replacement



   New batteries for GT-80   GBP-1800  no longer available



Other  TEKK  &  VERTEX   portables available:

TEKK   D600   uhf,               TEKK   D200  uhf               ICOM   F4001     

MOTOROLA  VX-261         MOTOROLA  VX-450,         



       Ask Me Radio Questions   or   Order Equipment  by:  

       Phone   Fax   or   Email delcomindustries@yahoo.com

  Equipment prices subject to change at any time without notice!

 FREE SHIPPING on orders of ten radios or more (continental  USA).


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