TEKK       NT-10           Portable Radios

                   Available from     DELCOM INDUSTRIES      

                          Sales phone  334  875-4805                 FAX  phone  334  875-5220


                  NT-10 radio no longer available  

                  See  the TEKK    D500   for its replacement

                          10 channels,  2 watts  VHF model   

Frequency Range  150  - 163 MHZ

Voice Scrambling


Units have CTCSS tones   only    no DPL tones

800 MAH battery

Low battery alert

Comes with wall type 12 hour charger

Small size  5.2" H x  2.3" W  x 1.4" D

One  year full  warranty  --  with two years addition limited




Any radio purchased from DELCOM INDUSTRIES includes programming on your frequencies and private line tones, at NO EXTRA CHARGE and reprogramming at a later date, for the life of the radio,  Free,  you only pay shipping!           THAT   DELCOM's  service after the sale!

                         I also reprogram your old models for $15 per radio plus shipping.               


Other  TEKK   &  VERTEX   portables available:

TEKK    D600  uhf,       TEKK   D500  vhf,        MOTOROLA  VX-260

MOTOROLA   VX-450,        


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                               Equipment prices subject to change at any time without notice!

                      FREE SHIPPING on orders of ten radios or more (continental  USA).


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