VERTEX        VX-2500        Mobile Radio

        Available from     DELCOM INDUSTRIES   Sales phone:    334  872-2024


        The RADIO MAN  has the best prices in the SOUTH                  FAX  only:    334  875-5220

                              This  model no longer available     see   VX-2200



  • 3 Year Warranty

Price includes programmed on your frequencies and PL tones.  NO EXTRA CHARGE. 

Frequency reprogramming, for the life of the radio,  Free!  You just pay shipping.

Also after the sale my service does not stop. 

Order a  FREE  PDF file OWNER's MANUAL   just email me!

Please feel free to call or email for any type of info on VERTEX RADIOS,  even if you didn't buy it from me. 

Thats the RADIO MAN'S  super service!


**Vertex does not allow dealers to post selling price on the web page,   please email or call** 


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