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                    Commercial  Land  mobile radios



          Motorola    mobile radios                            


                                    Motorola   CM-200d   Mobiles                 VHF  or  UHF   16 channels  50 W  

                                    Motorola    CM-300d   Mobiles               VHF  or  UHF   99 channels  50 W  

                                    Motorola    XPR  series                       VHF & UHF radios   analog  or   digital                                               






       ICOM   mobile radios                                           


                   Icom    F5021 or F6021      Series                          128 ch         MDC-1200

                   Icom     F1721    or   F2721           Series             256 ch          analog  only   

                  Icom     F1721D  or   F2721D      Series              256 ch         P25        digital  or  analog

                   Icom     F9511 or F9521      Series         512 ch         P25        digital  or  analog

                   Icom     F9511HT                 Series         512 ch         P25        digital  or  analog,  110 watts,   VHF only


 OLDER  ICOM MODELS    see    RADIO  DATA sheets -- Land Mobile     Home page



Hytera   new mobiles         used  mobiles         reprogramming services      

                                    Hytrea   TM-600         VHF  &  UHF radios       

                                            Hytrea   TC-610         VHF  & UHF radios 

                                            Hytrea   TC-628H      VHF  & UHF radios    in stock  UHF


         KENWOOD    used  mobiles   UHF                Call  for models





                  Marine  Radios




     ICOM  Marine  --  fixed radios             




              ICOM   M330         Marine Base            NEW   marine base radio 


            ICOM     M424G              Marine Base               marine base radio


               ICOM      M506               Marine Base                   marine base radio 

                                M506   Five versions available


       ICOM     M605              Marine Base               NEW   marine base radio

                                M605 has two versions



         ICOM    MXA5000           AIS receiver                                                                          




       OLDER  ICOM MODELS    see    RADIO  DATA sheets -- Marine     Home page




                 Air Band  Radios



        Air band    Plane,  mobile  &  base  radios

                         Icom  A120        VHF radio         Air Band Transceiver,    

                         Icom  A220    VHF radio               Air Band Transceiver,       for panel  mounting

                        Icom  A220M  VHF radio            Air Band Transceiver,       for truck mounting       

                        Icom  A220B  VHF radio              Air Band Transceiver,        for base station setup    


 OLDER  ICOM MODELS    see    RADIO  DATA sheets -- Airband     Home page



                     SSB   Radios




     SSB    mobile   radios             


              ICOM         M802               SSB  Marine radio       

           ICOM         M803               SSB  Marine radio    

           ICOM         AT-140            SSB  Antenna Tuner   


 OLDER  ICOM MODELS    see    RADIO  DATA sheets -- SSB     Home page





         ICOM  Satellite    mobile radios        

                    Icom     Ic-Sat100M   base/mobile



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