Vertex  VX-10     Delcom Industries               Selma  AL  36701
Portable Radios            Sales Phone  334  875-4805                    FAX   334  875-5220


      This model is longer available

       See  its replacement VX-354

               ACCESSORIES   and   Batteries    STILL   AVAILABLE

* 40 Channel Capacity                 * 5  Watts Power Output

* 8 Character LCD Display          * Priority Scan, User Scan, Dual Watch

* Auto Range Transpond System  * Transmiter Battery Saver TBS

* MIL - STD 810 C/D/E Spec's  * CTCSS/DCS. DTMF Selective Call

* PC programmable                     * Selectable Power Output 5/2.5/1/0/0.1

* Voice Inversion Encryption w/option FTT-15

* Pictures shows radio with optional key pad CS-10B  



Other     VERTEX,        TEKK,      &      ICOM        portables available:

VERTEX  VX-132                       VERTEX   VX-231                   VERTEX   VX-450            

VERTEX   VX-350                      VERTEX   VX-820                   VERTEX  VX-920


TEKK   XV-1000  vhf                   TEKK    XU-1000  uhf                 TEKK   XV-100  vhf

TEKK   VU-100  uhf                     TEKK   XV-1000e   vhf               TEKK  XU-1000e  uhf


ICOM  F3001 / F4001,                  ICOM  F3011 / F4011,               ICOM  F3021 / 4021  

ICOM  F50 / F60                           ICOM    IC-4088A



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