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    F4011 uhf    $165

          Radios come with desk charger

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                      ICOM     F3011  /   F4011  

NO EXTRA CHARGE  for programming all 16 channels to your freq's


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Simple, Rugged and Reliable at an Unbelievable Price!

Simple operation for instant communication

With only 3 buttons, one volume knob and one 16-position channel knob, the IC-F3011 vhf /F4011 uhf series does not require special training to use. The large knobs and positive action buttons are easy-to-operate, even while wearing gloves.

Modern design, rugged body

The IC-F3011vhf / F4011 uhf series is compact (120mm; 4 2332 inch height) and light weight (approximate 300g; 10.6 oz with BP-232N and antenna). The aluminum die-cast chassis is the basis for this rugged construction, allowing long-life usage in various environments.

MIL-STD and IP54 rugged construction

The radio is tested to MIL-STD 810 specifications and to the IP54 rating for dust protection and water resistance. The IC-F3011 series is built to take harsh use and keep working.

Lithium-Ion battery standard

The IC-F3011 vhf / F4011 uhf series comes with a high capacity 2000mAh (typ.) Li-Ion battery pack, BP-232N, as standard. The BP-232N offers up to 16 hours* of operation
* VHF typical operation with Tx:RX:Stand-by ratio=5:5:90.

CTCSS/DTCS tone encoder/decoder

The IC-F3011  vhf / F4011 uhf series has the built-in CTCSS and DTCS capabilities as standard to access a repeater or to set up your own talk group for quiet stand-by.

Rapid battery charger supplied

The rapid desktop charger, BC-160 and AC adapter BC-145 is supplied with the radio. It charges the BP-232N Li-Ion battery in 3 hours (approx.)

Automatic scanning and priority scan

The power on scan function automatically starts scanning when turning on the radio. The priority scan function scans all programmed channels in sequence, while monitoring the priority channel.

Other features

  • Low battery alert with blinking LED and low battery beep
  • Wide frequency coverage (136-174, 400-470 and 450-512MHz)
  • Wide/narrow channel spacing (25, 12.5kHz) programmable
  • PC programmable
  • 3-color LED (Red, Green, Orange)
  • Talk around function
  • time out timer
  • Optional VOX headset
  • 2-step power save



Above   F3011  or    F4011 Radio     INCLUDES: 

Radio,  Lith-ion battery BP-323N,  belt clip,  antenna,   regular rate desk  charger BC-160, and  NO CHARGE  programming.       


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