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Base SSB Marine Radio Tuner

Antenna Tuner AT-140   $490

OPC-1147 control cable, 30 feet,  radio to tuner,  $60

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AT-140 Features:

Matches all bands
The AT 140 matches any frequency on every HF marine band. For example, the tuner matches a 7 m; 23 ft long-wire antenna across 1.6-30 MHz.

Full automatic tuning
Just push the [TUNE] switch on the transceiver, and the AT 140 adjusts immediately to the minimum SWR of any frequency on any HF marine band.

HF operation on any size ship
The AT 140 allows you HF operation where antenna element length is restricted due to space.

Weather resistant
The AT 140 is housed in a durable, completely weather resistant ASA case with a rubber gasket.

45 memories for shorter tuning time
To decrease the tune-up time, the AT-1 40 automatically stores the matching conditions for up to 45 frequencies. Re-tuning for a memorized frequency takes approx. 1 second.

Super capacitor for memory backup
Even if the AT-1 40 is not used for approx. 1 week, the built-in super capacitor backs up contents of the 45 memories.

Low power tune up
The AT-1 40 emits low output power during tuning. This feature reduces the possibility of causing interference to other stations.

Tuner through function
The tuner through function is built into the AT-1 40. This function helps improve receiver gain, depending on the antenna element length used, and operating frequency.


IC-M802 Features:

* The latest in Icom SSB technology and construction
* Digital Signal Processing (DSP) virtually eliminates noise and interference.
* Pindrop clear voice reception
* Digital processing improves data efficiency
* Industry standard 4 x 8 inch size remote controller
* Easy to install
* Same faceplate proportions as many other marine electronics devices
* Only about 4 inches deep, the remote controller fits in nearly any nav station. The cabinet is designed to self flush-mount, hiding the hole cut for the remote controller. Hide the compact main unit
* Mounting bracket for the remote controller and the speaker is included, in case you choose not to flush mount the radio.
* Mounting bracket for the main unit is also included. With its small footprint (less than a foot square), you can mount the main unit in more out of the way places, like under the navigatorís seat
* Separate external speaker (required and included) allows you to place the sound where itís needed most
* 150 watts of power, 100% duty cycle
* All modes, including RTTY
* 100% E-mail ready, with one touch button access on the front panel. A        SSB first! No filters required.
* Receive 500 kHz - 29.9999 MHz
* Monitor all 976 ITU voice and data channels,  HAM bands and  aircraft        WX
* 1355 channels
* Transmit: IC-M802 includes HF HAM RADIO TRANSMIT &              RECEIVE. Appropriate HAM license required to transmit on amateur radio frequencies.
* 160 user programmable memory channels, each identified by either  alpha characters, channel number or frequency
* GPS interface port, NMEA 0183 version 2.0 => version 2.0 or later. Turn your IC-M802 into a long-range GMDSS emergency service radio
* Multiple scanning modes
* Rugged main unit metal chassis
* Direct keypad entry
* Large backlit, dot-matrix LCD display with 10 selectable lighting levels
* Large tactile knobs, easy to use in rough boating conditions
* Backlit keypads offer information silk-screened right on the backlit keys, eliminating much guesswork when operating in a dark cabin.
* New automatic antenna tuner AT-140 matches the transceiver to a long wire antenna.
* New, pre-wired cable connection points makes installation easier than ever.
* "Pass-through tuning" automatically tunes for reception.
* Simple electrical connections for easy installation
* Easy to read and understand owners manual
* 2 year warranty


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