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THIS MODEL has been discontinued

accessories available  only


Base Marine Radio 


IC-M402S  Features:

*A newly designed large speaker grill improves the output of the front mounted speaker. The result is that the audio sounds even louder than the 4.5 (typical) output capability, even over wind or engine noise.
*Large 2-digit Ch with scrolling channel names
Look at the size of the LCD with large letters and numbers! The large, easy to see display has 27 x 43 mm (1 1/16 x 1 5/8 in.) dimensions, so channel indications are maximized. 10-character channel names and all settings are displayed at the same time.
*Built-in DSC capability that meets U.S.C.G. SC-101
The DSC watch function monitors Ch 70, while receiving another channel. It allows you to send a formatted distress message in an emergency. The position request function indicates a caller's position. Up to 30 DSC IDs are memorized.
*Rugged waterproof construction
By spraying off any salt with fresh water after your outing, the IC-M402 is designed to work for many years. (Equivalent to JIS-7, submersible in up to 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes; except cables.)
* Dual and tri-watch functions
* Position indication when connected to GPS (GPS receiver is not included.)
* Adjustable LCD backlighting and key illumination in 4 steps for nighttime operation
* Supplied "Smart-Mic" for convenient channel selection
* NOAA weather channels with alert function
* Simple and easy tag scanning system
* Radio and microphone available in black or white 



Radio,   power cable,   and   mounting hardware


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