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                                 Base Marine Radio


This model marine transceiver is no longer available from ICOM

                                        accessories still available

             SEE   M330  for replacement



for use with option remote command microphone, HM-157 

               $90  when purchased with this radio


IC-M422 Features:

This is a full-featured, multi-function VHF radio built for the serious mariner with extended SC-101 DSC functionality, full GPS interface capability and “one-push” distress call operation. Built tough to survive harsh environments, the M422 features IP-X7 equivalent waterproof (submersible) construction, integrated PA, and Icom’s exclusive, Force 5 Audio™ system.

An important new feature is the M422’s “Receiver Repeater”. This feature allows a boater to monitor the M422 through its built-in hailer. It’s especially handy when you’re out on the bow hauling in the anchor or busy tending the lines.

This radio is equipped with the best in Icom communications technology including dual/tri frequency monitoring, superior receiver sensitivity, and NMEA input/output for GPS connections—all built on a compact, one-piece, die-cast aluminum chassis for lightweight durability and a long duty life. Even its color is built to last, available in either brilliant black or vibrant white.

The M422’s large LCD readout is backlit for night use and puts an array of easily read information at your disposal, keeping your eyes and concentration where they belong. The large push buttons and easy-to-use TAG scanning system add to the simple operation. Yet, with a single push of the “Distress” button, the latest in DSC encoded technology interfaced with precise GPS positioning data summons help exactly where and when you need it most.

An important M422 feature is its Icom Force 5 Audio™ system with 4.5 Watts of front-firing speaker audio. This gives the radio incredible performance with sharp, crisp audio and enough volume to be heard above the roar of the engines or the crack of the fluttering sails.

One of the radio’s most popular features will be its full connectivity to Icom’s optional COMMANDMIC®, a remote microphone system that not only works as a ship’s intercom, but puts the radio’s most important functions on the bridge (DSC excluded), at the helm and right in the palm of your hand. COMMANDMIC is like having two, world-class radios for not much more than the price of one!



Radio,   12 volt power cable,   and   mounting hardware


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