F50   or   F60      

Delcom Industries                 Selma  AL  36701

         VHF  or    UHF 

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Radio comes with

            BC-152  desk  charger


Radio Man has the best prices in the South!

        F50 non vib    portable       $410

                 F60 non vib    portable      $410


F50v VIBRATOR  portable    $490

F60v VIBRATOR  portable    $490

above radios come with BC-152 desk charger

Portable Handheld Commercial  Radio 

Icom IC-F50,  VHF,  Water proof,  Handheld  136 - 174  mhz,   5 Watts,  

Icom IC-F60,  UHF,  Water proof,  Handheld  400 - 470 mhz, or  450 - 512 mhz,  4 Watts,

Icom IC-F50V  VHF,  Water proof, Voice storage,  pager vibrator, Handheld  136 - 174 mhz, 5 watts

Icom IC-F60V  VHF,  Water proof, Voice storage,  pager vibrator, Handheld  400 - 470 mhz, or              450- 512 mhz,   4 watts


128 Channels/8 Banks, JIS Grade 7 Waterproof Protection, 25/12.5 kHz Wide/Narrow Channel Spacing on a Per Channel Basis, Normal & Priority Scan, MIL-STD 810 C, D, E & F, CTCSS, DTCS, Up to 10 2-Tone Codes on a Single Channel, 5-Tone, Red Emergency Call Button, 8 Character Alphanumeric Display Shows Channel, Bank, Tone Code & Scanning Channel Names, 7 Operational Icons On the Subline Show Various Status at a Glance, 7 Programmable Keys, Time Out Timer, Built in Compander, 8 DTMF Autodial Memories, 2 Step Power Save Function, Busy Channel Lockout, BIIS 1200 Compatible, Power On Password, Includes FA-S59V Antenna, BP227 (1700 Mah) Li-Ion Battery, BC-152/BC-147 Drop-In Trickle Charger, MB-98 Spring Loaded Belt Clip, Programming and a 2 Year Warranty.  Dimensions 3-13/16" H x 2-7/32" W x 1-7/16" D,  9.9 Ounces. 



  • Radio, antenna, belt clip,
  •  battery BP-227, 
  •  regular rate desk charger BC-152
  • ADD  $20   for  BC-119  rapid desk charger



Other     VERTEX,        TEKK,      &      ICOM        portables available:

VERTEX  VX-132                       VERTEX   VX-231                 VERTEX VX-420            

VERTEX   VX-350                      VERTEX   VX-820                  VERTEX  VX-920


TEKK   XV-1000  vhf                   TEKK    XU-1000  uhf              TEKK   XV-100  vhf

TEKK   VU-100  uhf                     TEKK   XV-1000e   vhf            TEKK  XU-1000e  uhf


ICOM  F3001 / F4001,                  ICOM  F3011 / F4011,            ICOM  F3021 / 4021  

ICOM  F50 / F60                           ICOM    IC-4088A



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