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5 different versions of the M506

 M506-01    FRONT MIC    basic radio

  M506-11    FRONT MIC + NMEA2000

        M506-21    FRONT MIC +NMEA2000 +  AIS

 M506-31    REAR MIC  +  NMEA2000

        M506-41    REAR MIC  +  NMEA2000 +  AIS

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Fixed Mount VHF and AIS Receiver Combo with NMEA 2000® Connectivity

One Platform — Five Real World Solutions


  NMEA 2000® AIS Receiver
  M506 AIS Front (Front Mic) 0183/2000® Integrated AIS Receiver
  M506 AIS Rear  (Rear Mic) 0183/2000® Integrated AIS Receiver
  M506 N2K Front (Front Mic) 0183/2000® Not Included
  M506 N2K Rear (Rear Mic) 0183/2000® Not Included
  M506 NMEA 0183 Not Included


Integrated AIS Receiver

With an integrated AIS receiver, the IC-M506 can show AIS vessel traffic information on the display. The AIS target call function allows you to easily set up an individual DSC call. The Plotter, Target list and Danger list can be toggled on the display.

AIS Plotter
AIS Plotter
AIS Plotter
AIS Target List
AIS Plotter
Channel and Position

NMEA 2000® and NMEA 0183 Connectivity

With the plug-and-play functionality of NMEA 2000, the IC-M506 can easily connect to a NMEA 2000 network and interconnect with other equipment. Also the NMEA 0183 input/output can be used for external GPS/NAV interface.

Last Call Voice Recording

The last call voice recording function automatically saves the last two minutes of the last incoming call. You can also start recording manually.

Active Noise Cancelling

The built-in bidirectional active noise cancelling reduces background noise to up to 90% and improves both your transmitted voice and incoming call.

25W Two-Way Hailer

When connected to an external hailer horn, you can talk to people on the deck or shore from the radio’s microphone and can hear people’s reply via the hailer horn. Foghorn and RX speaker functions are also available.


The optional COMMANDMIC, HM-195B/SW provides 2nd station capability for using the IC-M506 from a separate cabin or tower. Most functions including DSC and AIS functions can be controlled from the COMMANDMIC and can be used as an intercom between the IC-M506 and the COMMANDMIC.

Large LCD and Intuitive User Interface

The IC-M506 is equipped with 132×96 pixels dot-matrix display which is larger than the IC-M504 (132×64 pixels). Reading GPS, AIS, DSC and radio menus are easier than ever. The bottom line of the display shows the software key functions and the functions can be toggled with the left and right buttons.

More Great Features

  • 80dB (typical) IMD and channel selectivity
  • MA-500TR AIS transponder and Marine-Commander™ compatible
  • IPX8 submersible plus protection (1m depth for 60 minutes)
  • Rear panel microphone version
  • Optional voice scrambler

Optional fully integrated COMMANDMICΙVTM


COMMANDMICIVTM (HM-195) 4th Generation Command & Control A new look for total control of all communications and Class D DSC functions.

New Icom marine family user interface

he new menu system provides easy and intuitive operation. The bottom line of the dot-matrix display shows the software key functions which can be toggled with the left and right buttons. The directional keypad allows you to perform various operations and settings.

Other features

  • IPX7 Submersible rating
  • Superior audio performance
  • Total control of all communications & Class D DSC functions
  • AquaQuake™
  • The COMMANDMICIVTM (HM-195) remote-control microphone size (W × H × D): 67.5 × 144.5 × 37 mm; 2.66 × 5.69 × 1.46 in.
  • Weight (approx.; except cables): 400g; 14.1




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