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Base SSB Marine Radio 

Antenna Tuner AT-140  

OPC-1147    control cable, 30 feet,  radio to tuner

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 NOTE after Jan 1 2020  ICOM M802 will no longer be available,  ICOM will come out with the M803 soon.

IC-M802 Features:

* The latest in Icom SSB technology and construction
* Digital Signal Processing (DSP) virtually eliminates noise and interference.
* Pindrop clear voice reception
* Digital processing improves data efficiency
* Industry standard 4 x 8 inch size remote controller
* Easy to install
* Same faceplate proportions as many other marine electronics devices
* Only about 4 inches deep, the remote controller fits in nearly any nav station. The cabinet is designed to self flush-mount, hiding the hole cut for the remote controller. Hide the compact main unit
* Mounting bracket for the remote controller and the speaker is included, in case you choose not to flush mount the radio.
* Mounting bracket for the main unit is also included. With its small footprint (less than a foot square), you can mount the main unit in more out of the way places, like under the navigatorís seat
* Separate external speaker (required and included) allows you to place the sound where itís needed most
* 150 watts of power, 100% duty cycle
* All modes, including RTTY
* 100% E-mail ready, with one touch button access on the front panel. A        SSB first! No filters required.
* Receive 500 kHz - 29.9999 MHz
* Monitor all 976 ITU voice and data channels,  HAM bands and  aircraft        WX
* 1355 channels
* Transmit: IC-M802 includes HF HAM RADIO TRANSMIT &              RECEIVE. Appropriate HAM license required to transmit on amateur radio frequencies.
* 160 user programmable memory channels, each identified by either  alpha characters, channel number or frequency
* GPS interface port, NMEA 0183 version 2.0 => version 2.0 or later. Turn your IC-M802 into a long-range GMDSS emergency service radio
* Multiple scanning modes
* Rugged main unit metal chassis
* Direct keypad entry
* Large backlit, dot-matrix LCD display with 10 selectable lighting levels
* Large tactile knobs, easy to use in rough boating conditions
* Backlit keypads offer information silk-screened right on the backlit keys, eliminating much guesswork when operating in a dark cabin.
* New automatic antenna tuner AT-140 matches the transceiver to a long wire antenna.
* New, pre-wired cable connection points makes installation easier than ever.
* "Pass-through tuning" automatically tunes for reception.
* Simple electrical connections for easy installation
* Easy to read and understand owners manual
* 2 year warranty



Radio, Control head,   power cable,   and   mounting hardware

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