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Portable Marine Radio

Discontinued  Radio, NO LONGER Available

 Accessories available  only


           See  ICOM  M93D   for its replacement


Icom America introduces its new M90: A heavy-duty, commercial grade, waterproof, marine/land mobile VHF transceiver. Designed to replace the M15, the M90 is a feature-packed marine workhorse now with 100 programmable land channels, state-of-the-art voice scrambling, digital signaling and the option of hands-free operation. An Intrinsically Safe (IS) version will soon be available. “The M90 will top Icom’s complete line of world-class, VHF handheld radios,” said Rick Waedekin, Icom America’s National Marine Sales Manager.

The M90 is two radios in one rugged package. This transceiver is a full-featured marine radio with easy access to the calling frequencies and all the weather channels. But with a punch of a button, it becomes a professional-grade, land mobile transceiver with serious features for today’s working world, like CTCSS and DTCS signaling, built-in UT-112 type voice scrambling and 100 programmable channels for all your communications needs.

It’s a natural for the real-world environment with a tough, waterproof construction designed to IP-X7 specs (will survive submersion in 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes). The M90 is easy to operate even when the working environment calls for heavy gloves. All knobs are sized for quick operation and the large, well-labeled buttons feature a positive action “feel” to keep the task at hand the top priority and “fumbling with the radio” a thing of the past. The buttons are a transparent polymer with their functions printed on the inside. This means that the keypad labeling will never wear off, even under hard use over many years of service. What’s more, the M90’s high-intensity LCD read out offers high-contrast, wide-angle readability you can adjust to match your viewing needs.

An Intrinsically Safe (IS) version conforming to FMRC standards will be available soon, for work in hazardous environments such as oil rigs, natural gas tankers, etc.

The M90 includes the BC-158 desktop trickle-style battery charger, but its impressive list of options includes a rapid charger, an Alkaline battery case (6xAA), a waterproof speaker microphone, a hands-free, VOX (Voice Operated Transmit) headset, and much more.

* Up to 100 free channels reserved for Land Mobile (commercial) use, License required

*Delcom is set-up to program your 100 Land channel Freq's before radio is shipped.

                             AT   NO   EXTRA   CHARGE



Radio,   battery  ,   belt clip,   antenna,   and  desk charger 

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