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Portable & Mobile Specifications:

Satellite Communications are now Mobile with Icom's IC-SAT100M

Introducing the newest addition to the Icom Connect suite of radios, the IC-SAT100M, a mobile PTT satellite radio. Just like our currently-available IC-SAT100 handheld version, the IC-SAT100M also operates on Iridium’s network of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites spread across the globe.

This mobile radio consists of a main unit and an included multi-functional speaker-microphone. Other features include an integrated GPS receiver, 1500 mW powerful audio output, and is even IP67 water and dust-proof. With the IC-SAT100M, users can communicate in real time to any other radio in the same Talkgroup, with very low latency.

  • Power over Ethernet from main unit to antenna (with RF unit)
  • Multi-functional speaker microphone with display
  • Voice recording function
  • Built-in Bluetooth®
  • Short data messaging
  • AquaQuake™ function
  • VE-PG4-compatible
  • Compatible with other Iridium® PTT devices




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