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    This model is no longer available  SEE  D600 uhf  for replacement


* Great for     Hunting,    In  Warehouses,    School Security,    Mall

* 512 Channels,   UHF,   with   SCAN 

* Five Watts Power Output

* Frequency Range 430-470 Mhz,  --   CTCSS,   DCS,  & 2 tone

* 2400 MAH   Li-ion  Battery

* Unit comes with    rechargeable Lith-ion battery  2400 mah,     DC-1000  rapid desk charger,   antenna,  &  belt Clip

* Dimensions   H 4.7"  x  W 2.0"  x  D 1.2"

  One  year  full  warranty  --  with  two years  addition limited



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