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Base Marine Radio 



                                    SEE   ICOM  M330



IC-M302 Features:

Large backlit LCD
The wide LCD shows large channel numbers and channel names of up to 10 characters. 4 levels of LCD backlighting are available. 

The speaker's high sound pressure level delivers loud and clear reception. Background noise is blown away! The microphone is tuned to pick up voice, while reducing ambient noise.

 Built-in DSC capability
The DSC (Digital Selective Calling) allows you to send a formatted distress message in an emergency. Position data is automatically exchanged between the two stations. 

Submersible 1m depth for 30 minutes
The installation of the IC-M302 is not limited to covered areas. Be assured, the IC-M302 can handle all types of wet! Equivalent to JIS Grade 7.



Radio,   power cable,   and   mounting hardware


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