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                     F21 uhf     


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     ICOM    Portable  Transceiver

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   ICOM    F11   no longer available    See   F3011  

  ICOM    F21      no longer available    See  F4011

       Batteries   and   Speaker  mic's   still available


16 channels,  full 5 watts when you need it,  or select a lower setting if you donít... you decide. Increase the range of your transmissions outdoors, and indoors where obstacles and walls offer challenges to your current equipment. Crystal clear communications.

Simple controls, easy to use
Transmit button, volume control and channel selector are all you need. All three controls may be operated without removing the radio from your belt. The perfect business tool that doesnít require training to use. Great for high turnover or retail shift situations.

Military rugged construction
Donít let the light weight or compact body fool you. This is a military spec. rugged radio that can take abuse and keep working. Donít worry about special training. Just put them out in the workplace and let them do their job.

Standard supplied battery with radio BP-209,  1100 mha 

Wide/narrow capability Ė a good investment
May be operated on 12.5 or 25 kHz wide channels. Ease the transition to the new narrow channels as the new regulations move users in that direction. A good investment that will adapt to the future. Wonít be obsolete as the rules change.

Multiple groups and individual selective calling
Use the built-in signaling capability (2-tone, 5-tone, CTCSS, DTCS) to set up your own talk groups and quiet the radio when others are talking. You can set up selective calls to individuals too. Keep private communications private and eliminate unnecessary interruptions in the workplace.



Above   F11  or F21 Radio     INCLUDES: 

Radio,  Ni-cad battery BP-209,  belt clip,  antenna,   regular rate desk  charger BC-146       


Other     VERTEX,        TEKK,      &      ICOM        portables available:

VERTEX  VX-132                       VERTEX   VX-231                      VERTEX   VX-420            

VERTEX   VX-350                      VERTEX   VX-820                      VERTEX  VX-920


TEKK   XV-1000  vhf                   TEKK    XU-1000  uhf                 TEKK   XV-100  vhf

TEKK   VU-100  uhf                     TEKK   XV-1000e   vhf               TEKK  XU-1000e  uhf


ICOM  F3001 / F4001,                  ICOM  F3011 / F4011,               ICOM  F3021 / 4021  

ICOM  F50 / F60                           ICOM    IC-4088A


Other features

* Compact and lightweight Ė carry all day with no fatigue
* Ni-Cd battery and drop-in battery charger* included
(* depending on versions)
* Optional speaker mic, VOX headset, and much more
* Optional alkaline or Ni-MH battery pack

VHF  model    or    UHF  model     comes with 12 hour Desk Charger, belt clip, and programmed with your frequencies, private line tones and pager tones setup.    Frequency reprogramming of the radio, for the life of the radio FREE you just pay shipping !

Also after the sale my service does not stop. 

Please feel free to call or email for any type of info on ICOM RADIOS, even if you didn't buy it from me. 

That's  Radio Man's  SUPER SERVICE!


Email ME for your FREE owners manual, see if this is the radio you need.    


Ask Me Radio questions, even if you didn't buy it from Delcom

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